When will the parcel arrive?

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Lower value parcels are sent by registered airmail, taking about 9-21 days. Higher value parcels are sent by express couriers which are often delivered within 7-9 days around the world if the parcel is released by custom quickly (in other words the custom does not hold the parcel for duties).
If you want faster delivery, please contact for shipment upgrade.
If you do not receive notice of shipment, check with your junk folder most probably it is there. 

......refering to the tracking number in the shipment details, it is not accepted by the site yet; when should i receive it?


Dont worry. The parcel is in transit. The tracking number will show up online. Major holidays for example New Year, Christmas, Spring Festival will delay the process a few days.



Hi I have placed an order for Seagull M172. I still have not heard anything from you on the order, is it being processed? when can it be shipped out? thanks.


Please be patient. Items are dispatched without one day delay. No one can beat good-stuff.com in the speed of sending out parcels. It is guaranteed you will receive it as quickly as possible.



......Just want to check on status, since I haven't received an email confirming the order.


Message has either been bounced back or filtered into your junk folder. It is important to use mainstream emails to communicate. Users of little known email service providers are more likely to experience unforeseen communication problems.