What is a swan neck?
What is a swan neck?

What is a swan neck?

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Hi I have never own a watch I use to check time on my cellphone, until my girl friend bought me a watch on my birthday last year and I must say I never leave my watch. I really fallen in love with watches I want to collect them. Reading your blogs I know more and more about watches. Can you please explain what is a swan neck and what is used for?



Swan neck is a part used to regulate the pace by adjusting the length of spring – the shorter length of spring, the faster harmonic motion of balance wheel, thus speed up the pace; the longer length of spring makes balance wheel’s motion slower, thus slow down the pace.


Widely used in 19th century pocket watches, the vast majority of modern watches do not have swan neck. It is not a pre-requisite to regulate pace, instead it is human’s appreciation for the beauty of tangible jewelry products.


At the present time, swan neck is symbolic of German-made timepieces, which prefers 3/4 silver plate polished in Geneva stripes, decorated by red jewels and gold chatons. Closely resembling a swan’s neck, a swan neck is more of artistry than practicality.


Beijing watch factory’s SB18 is China-made movement in closest similarity to these classic elements that represent watchmakers’ respect for traditional craftsmanship and aesthetic appearance.