Would I be able to take a bath with it on?

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Q: Is this watch waterproof? Would I be able to take a bath with it on?


A: Many people think watches with waterproof 3ATM, 5ATM can be submerged or washed in water, wrong! Its real meaning is waterproof in daily living, in other words "do not get your watch wet." Only screw-on crown designed for diving with at least 100M waterproof can be submerged into water. Professional diver watches should have over 200M waterproof. Any watch without the screw-on crown, should not be put into water, no matter how expensive it is. If you take a close look at the crown, there is always a gap or air leak between the external case and handle. You are taking the risk of water leak that may cause serious damage whenever you wash it careless into water. The proper care is to wipe dirt with a dry soft cloth.


Q: What should I do if water vapor appears in the watch glass?


A: Avoid direct contact with water and high humid environment. It is recommended to see your experienced local jeweler to change the waterproof rubber seal ring on its back cover, and re-tighten the back case cover. The job is very tiny that requires no technical skills. The cost should be minimum. Rubber seal ring is widely available in any established shops.