White peony white tea made of ancient trees on high mountains in Fuding county, dragon ball tea, 125 grams
White peony white tea made of ancient trees on high mountains in Fuding county, dragon ball tea, 125 grams

White peony white tea made of ancient trees on high mountains in Fuding county, dragon ball tea, 125 grams

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About 5 grams each ball, white peony’s sweetness, softness and fragrance – all in one. 

Select high mountain ancient tree spring sun-dried tea green leaves as the raw material. The soup color is golden and transparent, its aroma is domineering, the taste is mellow and smooth. The tea’s content is rich, so its water extract is concentrated and lasting. Intake of the soup is mild at mouth entrance, then the mouth will be full of France, soft sweet that makes the aftertaste intoxicating.

The color of white tea is white because of tender bud leaves with white hairs. After fresh tea leaves are withered, directly sun-dried into finished tea without any other processes. The appearance of tea is completely preserved.

White tea is the most natural, only two processes of withering and drying are involved. Its production process is simpler than green tea, therefore many scholars believe that white tea is the earliest tea and the ancestor of tea production and utilization.

White tea is a kind of slightly-fermented tea. Compared with green tea, it retains more nutrients, such as polyphenols, amino acids, soluble sugars, active enzymes, vitamins and other nutrients. It has healthcare effects of relieving alcohol, eliminating fatigue, detoxifying, nourishing lungs, calming liver and benefiting blood, reducing hypertension, hyperglycemia and hyperlipidemia to a certain extent. Since ancient times, aged white tea has been often used to treat children's measles and fever. If the diet is unhealthy, for example, smoking and drinking, excessive greasiness, stomach discomfort and indigestion, drinking white tea counter-reacts all harms. White tea has anti-cancer property. People who drink white tea for a long time have a much lower probability of developing liver cancer than others. White tea is rich in vitamin A that prevents night blindness and xerophthalmia. The anti-radiation substance in white tea is indispensable in modern life. Drinking white tea protects the hematopoietic function of human body. Drinking white tea sterilizes and diminishes inflammation and prevents gum swelling and pain.

The white tea's soup looks clear, similar to stewed chicken soup. It tastes strong and delicious, even has a sticky taste like chicken soup. For the same weight of tea, total amino acids, flavonoids and soluble sugars in white tea were the highest compared with all other kinds of tea that primarily fall into six categories. It is no wonder that white tea tastes so fresh and sweet. In the long run, drinking white tea brings great pleasure and benefits to physical and mental health.

Traditional medicine believes that white tea has medicinal value. The longer storage period, the higher medicinal value it has. There is a proverb in the tea industry that one year old is tea, three years old is medicine, seven years old is treasure. White tea can be preserved for a long time.