The second hand falls off. What should I do?
The second hand falls off. What should I do?

The second hand falls off. What should I do?

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I received the parcel this morning, but there is a problem with the watch. The second hand is broken (the hand isn't attached to the central axis). I send it back to you for a new watch.


Sometimes second hand may fall off. Can you find a local jeweler to re-install it? It's a tiny job, may cost minimum or free if your friend is a jeweler. Sorry for the inconvenience.


Unfortunately in France to give a watch under repair is around $65, which is almost the price I paid for this SHANGAI 611 watch...


That is not true. I have a French customer who fixed up M172S in only 15USD. Check with your friends and watch forum members.



Little problems, for instance second hand falling off, crown pulling out, spring disengaged from winding shaft, are inevitable. These tiny jobs take 3-10 minutes to resolve, the cost should be minimum. In China, it is always free if a jeweler opens the case to have an inspection. If problem were not solved, no matter how much time and effort had been spent, it would be free of charge. Re-installation of hands may cost as little as $2 or $3.


All watches, no matter what makes, what models, can be fixed in China. However, considering the cost of shipping and transit time, it is recommended to have a personal designated jeweler or make a friend with a local jeweler.

Remember, an inspection should always be free. No problem solved, no payment - this is the rule. Do not pay upfront to a jeweler who is not trustworthy. I had a customer went to a shop, the jeweler opened the case, but did not solve any problems, still charged $20. It could be avoided if you had a designated jeweler.


Here is what the French customer, Pierre. wrote.

For me, I have a problem with my Sea-Gull M172S. The flying-wheel for automatic rewinding is not properly operating. In the beginning the back wheel was turning as a drop of mercury. But now it jams from time to time and the rewinding doesn't make itself anymore.


Last week, I took part at a congress on the topic of water, in Toulouse city, France. I gave a conference entitled: "Magnetic memory of water and biological nature of life". This conference was much applauded. Thus, at the time of the following coffee pause, some listeners came to speak to me. They observed that I carried no more the magnetic ornaments I had preached during the past years. They asked to me whether I had found a new system for the active protection of the biological life. My answer was: "yes".  

At the same time, on the other side of the street where the congress was held, there was a watches shop with a repairing watchmaker. I carried my Seagull M172S to him, to have an estimate. It was a young man, but He immediately suspected the fastening screws of the rotor. He kept my watch during two hours, because it had others watches in the course of repair. Then He opened mine, dismounted the rotor with its ball bearing, cleaned it, reassemble while screwing well. And my watch was thus repaired, for 10 Euros, i.e. 14 US $. 


People around me, at the time of the pause coffee, understood that my new system for protection activates biological life was quite simply based on the fact of carrying to a right wrist a watch Seagull M172S. Certain sensitive people who were present required to check my idea, with their own systems of intuition and perception. When these sensitive people entirely confirmed my idea, many people, one after the other, asked me for the code to be able to buy this watch. I gave them, but asking them to maintain the secrecy, because my biological and psychobiological studies on my own example of life are still in progress. All people promised, but I do not know how much people will hear about afterwards and to put them to order you this watch Seagull M172S……...