The benefits of dealing with
The benefits of dealing with

The benefits of dealing with

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Why should I deal with you?



l  For every watch sold, it has to go through careful testing. Quality is No.1 priority.  

l  If there is anything wrong, you may send the product back for inspection and repair

l  Products are obtained directly from factory, so the price is lower in many occasions, pass the savings to customers.


An agent is a middle man anxious to close the deal. Most likely he or she does not know much about mechanical watches, nor care about the product quality and post-sales ownership experience. His or her job is to buy the product then forward to you, exactly like a freight forwarder or shipper. The deal is closed as soon as the product is delivered. If there is anything wrong, you are left at limbo. The fact is that mechanical watches are complicated jewelry with high probability of problems, compared with other simple products like shoes, clothing, etc.