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Long-term drinking "golden flower" black tea can regulate metabolism, strengthen physique and slow aging. The polysaccharides and many other compounds in "golden flower" black tea work together in a synergistic way to provide multiple pharmacological healthcare and pathological prevention benefits as follows.

1)    Protect blood vessels, inhibit cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases

Due to its active ingredients, drinking black tea can relax, soften blood vessels, enhance vascular resistance to illness.

2)    Delay skin aging

It is rich in vitamins, including vitamin C and vitamin P, which can rejuvenate the skin. If you want to maintain a youthful appearance, drinking "golden flower" black tea is a sensible choice.

3)    Antioxidation

After absorbing tea polyphenols, the "golden flowers" secret and produce a variety of bioactive components that are capable of eliminating free radicals.

4)    Resist harmful bacteria

While the "golden flowers" are growing, they produce metabolites that are not conducive to the existence of other microorganisms, thus resist the growth of harmful bacteria.

5)    Improve eyesight

The "golden flowers" have a lot of carotenes that protect human eyes. When your eyes are feeling dry and tired, drinking "golden flower" black tea has the effect of wetting eyes. The lipopolysaccharide and tea polyphenols contained in "golden flower" black tea can alleviate the radiation brought by watching TV or operating computers for a long time.

6)    Assist in regulating blood glucose

Polysaccharides are rich in "golden flower" black tea, together with other nutrients, they work coordinately to protect the intestines and stomach, prevent the intestines and stomach from absorbing excessive sugar. Consequently, drinking "golden flower" black tea can be used as a supplementary treatment for diabetes.

7)    Lower blood lipid

The "golden flower" black tea is rich in gamma(?)-aminobutyric acid that can significantly reduce blood lipids. Research has shown, for patients with hyperlipidemia aged 50 to 70, after having drunk "golden flower" black tea three times a day for a month, their bodies' biochemical indicators, for example HDL, cholesterol, triglyceride and lipid peroxide, are getting better to varying degrees.

8)    As a probiotic, it regulates the balance of intestinal microflora and maintains digestive function

For a long time, it is a folk statement that "golden flower" black tea can be used to treat diarrhea. Experiments have proved that "golden flower" black tea achieves significant anti-diarrhea effect in mouse diarrhea model. Intestinal flora disorder is an important cause of diarrhea, yet the "golden flower" empowers a human body's physiological function of regulating intestinal flora.

9)    Control body weight, eliminate fat in the body

“Golden flower” black tea contains more lipolytic enzymes than other teas. Without any side effects, it is better than other weight loss teas and supplements. Like the probiotics in yogurt, it is 100% natural food without any synthetic chemical additives.

While drinking “golden flower” black tea reduces the levels of triglyceride (TG) and total cholesterol (TC), bad cholesterol LDL is reduced, good cholesterol HDL is increased.

The chitin and chitosan contained in the "golden flower" fungal wall are special kinds of dietary fiber that promote the formation of Clostridium XIVa clusters in the intestine and reduce obesity.

10)  Inhibit cancer cells

Scientists have studied the anti-tumor effect of food for many years. The anti-cancer effect of microorganisms has attracted widespread attention. Although there are no reports that the “golden flower” has been applied in clinic, some polysaccharide preparations extracted from large edible fungi have been used in clinical anti-tumor therapy. Cytological experiments indicate that the secondary metabolites of “golden flower” possess strong inhibitory activity on human breast cancer cell line (MCF-7), human glioma cell line (SF-268) and human lung cancer cell line (NCI-H460). The polysaccharide produced by “golden flower” has a certain inhibitory effect on human erythroleukemia K562 cells. The secondary metabolites from the mixed fermentation of “golden flower” and staphylococcus aureus have strong cytotoxicity to MCF-7, human lung cancer cell line (A549), human liver cancer cell line (BEL-7402), human colon cancer cell line (Colo205).

The raw material of “golden flower” Fu brick tea has the inhibitory effect on human rotavirus and the formation of carcinogenic nitroso compounds in human body.

The trace element of selenium has been found in “golden flowers”. Selenium is an effective anti-cancer nutrient. It plays an auxiliary role in cancer treatment and prevention.

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