Stainless steel mesh band 20mm width
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Stainless steel mesh band 20mm width

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Part Number: W-meshband
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Band material: stainless steel
Width: 20mm
Color: silver

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Solid stainless steel mesh band, 20mm width, supplementing of traditional leather straps (20mm width).

Silver color matches well with silver stainless steel case.

Recommended to be combine-shipped with existing order (any order above $10). If ordered separately, please add shipping and handling fees of $10. Also strongly recommended is the pin remover that is designed to remove stainless steel band - only two bucks extra helps you avoid headache in removing stainless steel band. The pull-down order menu has listed all choices.

Instruction on how to use mesh stainless steel band

To adjust length, pry open the lock, slide upward or downward to desired length, then push down to close the lock (see photo illustration above).

To buckle up, align and place the hook onto the horizontal bar, then push down the cover firmly until hearing a click sound. To unbuckle, break apart the cover (see photo illustration above).