Single-handed convex-surfaced hand-wound mechanical watch Time Impression series black
Single-handed convex-surfaced hand-wound mechanical watch Time Impression series black

Single-handed convex-surfaced hand-wound mechanical watch Time Impression series black

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Diameter: 40mm without crown
Thickness: 9.5mm (case), 15.7mm (with front crystal)
Weight: 59 grams / Lug width: 20mm
Dial color: black
Case color: gray with metallic luster

Can time be read if there is only one hand? The answer is yes if exact time reading down to seconds is not required. For many of us, making a fuss about one or two minutes is indeed unnecessary and actually brings stress in daily life.

This watch is installed with only one hand turning in one full circle every twelve hours. Each hour is divided into 6 intervals marked by 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, thus time can be read by looking at the position where the hand is pointing to.    

Impressionism painting depicts the light and color of objects rather than sharp outline. Great emphasis is placed on visual experience that evokes subjective and sensory impressions. The content and theme are not important.

Impressionist music is abstract. It is believed artistic imagination is more important than delineating a concrete event.

Impressionistic literature is characterized by personalized writing techniques to describe feelings, without logical or rational connection among events.

In motion pictures, the artists' perception of real life is the core of impressionistic film production.

Like an artwork of impressionism producing fantastic, indistinct and hazy feelings, this watch gives people a fuzzy time concept thus evokes subjective and sensory impressions.

  • Big white numeric hour markers are presented in a way like hand-written calligraphy.

  • The single hand is white and artistically-shaped to get along with big white hour markers.

  • The black dial is highly-domed, so highly-domed that the hand is made curved in order to fit the curvature of dial surface.

  • There is a castle image printed on its solid stainless steel case back.

While case thickness is 9.5mm, the acrylic front crystal is domed or uplifted extra 6.2mm so total thickness is 15.7mm. As a result, this watch looks like an UFO or a piece of milk chocolate you want to eat, depending on different interpretation.

The movement is Belarus-made, small manual hand-wound. Why little-known Belarus movement, not China-made for example ST16 to be automatic? The answer is little-known movement is used to serve niche market and bring more variety in product mix. Automatic version with ST16 can be made if there is demand.    

Single hand, abstract or not so clear time and unique case design, hence the name is called time impression series. It represents the owner's character in pursuing freedom, democracy and equality - consistent with the ideology advocated by impressionists.