Sea-Gull M222S mechanical watch hand-winding (dark brown dial)
Sea-Gull M222S mechanical watch hand-winding (dark brown dial)

Sea-Gull M222S mechanical watch hand-winding (dark brown dial)

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Seagull ST3600 pocket watch on wrist
Part Number: W_M222Sbrown
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Diameter: 44mm excluding crown / Thickness: 10mm
Lug width: 20mm
Weight: 86 grams
Calibre: ST3600 manual hand-wound
Crystal: sapphire

If someone claimed to be a watch connoisseur, then I would recommend the M222S, touted by fans as the divine watch.


"Stylish, affordable, unique appearance......simple, classic design with a modern touch......M222S has well-defended the dignity of a mechanical watch. Its precision and stability standard is affirmed as the Observatory......There is no reason you should not own this masterpiece. Everyone can find his or her own M222S," commented by enthusiasts.

  • 44mm large dial, noticeable wrist presence but not very big.
  • Pocket watch on your wrist. Reliable ST3600 pocket watch movement is ticking in this wristwatch.
  • Independent second hand at 9 o'clock.
  • Large see-through case back reveals the timeless mechanical charm at a glance.
  • Hand-winding. It is a pleasure for a watch fan to hear the rhythmic winding sound once each day.
  • One of the most-touted models by experienced watch fans.

"God cares about this watch, gives it a magic touch. Under the sapphire crystal, there is a wonderful mechanism of high-precision, quality material and fine polishes. The good old-fashioned hand-winding, solid stainless steel case and quality leather strap with contrasting stitches. Sophisticated, yet somewhat low-profile, conservative and introvert. Priced much lower than the equivalent counterparts, not a single piece of disappointment, but more surprises to come......" people are spreading the myth of M222S.