Sea-Gull M182SK skeleton watch automatic
Sea-Gull M182SK skeleton watch automatic

Sea-Gull M182SK skeleton watch automatic

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A well-made mechanical wristwatch in skeleton design at affordable price for every one
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Which skeleton watch offers the best combination of price, fashion design, quality in terms of reliability and accuracy? Sea-Gull M182SK is the answer.


Don’t buy twenty dollars junk skeleton watches made of underground factories that are likely broken in a couple of weeks and run poorly with over 30 seconds discrepancy per day. Watches are durable items. Do not sacrifice quality just want to save one hundred dollars.


Priced as an introductory watch, this M182SK offers exceptional value. It is so well-made that its craftsmanship rivals the best skeletons made in the world. Seeing is believing. The real merchandise is more impressive than photos.


The Armitron series might be designed in the similar way, but the overall quality is not equivalent to this seriously-made M182SK.


FYI, there is cheaper M182SK sold somewhere online costing $20 less. Please be alert. Do not sacrifice quality for the sake of saving only $20. You are likely to receive a sub-standard product and no one cares about your ownership experience.


Available in blue, black, red and pink M182SK, please choose at pull-down order menu. Either black or brown leather band can be installed. Specify your preference once having placed an order. Otherwise color will be chosen at random.


Skeleton watches ABC

A skeleton watch’s plate is deliberately made hollow without any covers in order to have the most space to demonstrate gears and parts. The hollow design reduces the overall strength and supportive capability of the plate. It places higher demand to control the self-winding rotor as it exerts force when swinging back and forth. Fully-wound main spring also adds pressure to the plate.


A fine skeleton watch is not only a precise mechanical device, but also a piece of timeless art work. The gears are moving constantly; all parts are cooperating perfectly, as if they have spirit and livelihood. Even if you are not a technician, it is a pleasure to see the intricate mechanical motion at every moment.


Other things being equal, skeleton watches are relatively more expensive, especially for those with carved designer patterns by master watch makers. High-end skeleton watches made of precious metal case can easily reach over 10-40 thousand dollars, most of which are hand-winding and simple basic function.

A well-made skeleton watch is an artistic expression, an aesthetical experience.