Sea-Gull 1963 re-issue China Air Force 1st aviator chronograph (19-zuan)
Sea-Gull 1963 re-issue China Air Force 1st aviator chronograph (19-zuan)

Sea-Gull 1963 re-issue China Air Force 1st aviator chronograph (19-zuan)

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Style: sports / leisure
Movement: Sea-Gull ST1901 chronograph
Diameter without crown: 37mm
Thickness: 13 mm
Weight: 60 grams

19-zuan is installed with acrylic front crystal that is a more faithful reproduction of the original.

Here is the 1993 re-issue of China Air Force first aviation chronograph vintage edition well-sought after by fans and collectors. It is the exact reproduction of the original artifact stored in museum except a few minor modifications (see chart below).


This watch

Original artifact


Case back

See-thru display back

Solid stainless steel back

Display back is favored by many fans to enjoy watching the intricate mechanical motion.

The star at 12 o’clock

Gold-sided star filled in red

Gold-sided star only, without red

It is more out-spoken if filled with red.


There is a Sea-Gull logo.


Better decorated

Other than these, the watch is the exact reproduction of the original in size, mechanical calibre and printed words.

  • 37.5x13mm. Sapphire front. Instructional manual is included.
  • “19 zuan” (19 jewels) printed below the gold-sided red star at 12 o’clock; “Made in China” in Chinese printed at 6 o’clock
  • The dial face is not completely white, but shows a little gray tone that appears like a vintage time piece.
  • Gold-plated hour marks, single numbers in bar stripe, even numbers in Arabic – 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12.
  • Cumulative 30-min counter at 3 o’clock. Independent second hand at 9 o’clock.
  • Centrally-positioned long second hand in red, hour and minute hands in blue.
  • Very solid start / stop button, re-set button resets in a flip of quarter-second (resetting / zeroing must only be performed after the chronograph has stopped).
  • The shape of the crown is unique. Three words to describe – big, square and flat.
  • The matching green nylon strap really adds a finishing touch – the olive green, nylon texture, buckles, vintage style, all these reminiscent of heroic pilots in the old days.
  • The column-wheel calibre ST1901 was the most advanced back in 1960s. Even by today’s standard, a column-wheel calibre is recognized as high-end. Sea-Gull ST19 series have been regarded as the complicated mechanical movement; and chosen as the core movement to be used in brand name watches by renowned international watch makers.

Apart from the overall classic impression of this watch, it also renders a sense of toughness and masculinity. In considering of price, quality, appearance, commemorative value, most probably this watch is the No.1 choice. It is the No.1 dream watch, the king of king.


With regard to the history, I do not want to repeat. The original was manufactured only 1400 pieces in total quantity, then stopped production. One of the reasons I heard was due to high cost of production thus out of budget – well budget control ;-) The originals are extremely rare, not available in open market, have gone to museums and a few collectors.


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