Rosa Rugosa classic 2010 automatic wristwatch OEM by BWAF
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Rosa Rugosa classic 2010 automatic wristwatch OEM by BWAF

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This watch has two designs – branded or blank. Please choose at pull-down order menu

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  • Porcelain white front dial, exactly the same as that of old Zhufeng / Mount Everest in color and texture by utilizing the same raw material formula and manufacturing technics. The technical term for making old Zhufeng's bright or shinning white front dial is called "enamel craftwork".

  • Metallic blue hour, minute, small second hands in clear contrast with white enamel front dial.

  • Beijing SA1000B6 automatic movement (the same used in Zungu-6). Pull out crown two clicks stops second hand, then adjust time. Sea-Gull ST17 does not stop second hand. Here SA1000B6 is chosen to bring more variety in product diversification.

  • Sapphire front crystal. Fine stainless steel case made of imported material that is smooth and solid to the touch.

  • Genuine leather strap of high leather grade, pin buckle, currently all made in black color that fits universally. Customers will be satisfied at least 90%, if not 100%. 

The exterior design and product details are impeccable. The corners are more prominent. The outlines are clearer. The case is finely-polished. Compared with other 38.5mm diameter watches, it appears to have more body, better texture and glossiness, with purer silver tone of its stainless steel material. The porcelain white front dial renders a sense of impressive elegance. The watch is not flamboyant itself, nevertheless reveals wearer's noble aspiration and immaculate heart.

After 12-months yes 1 year wearing test, this timepiece is as vivid as brand new in a way similar to those wear-proof high-end watches that are everlasting new. In contrast, ordinary watches have signs of aging for example scratches, smudges, color fading away, after having worn a few months.   

As a proverb says, "All is not gold that glitters, but gold will glitter forever." This watch is a hidden gem that will be discovered one day.  

Have you ever run into this situation while socializing with successful people or VIPs, suddenly find you are wearing a watch obviously not good enough compared to theirs, thus feel uneasy and less confident? Sounds very shallow, let's face the reality that society judges a person by appearance. Now this watch is holding itself firmly against theirs, possibly out-play the rest.

This is the most versatile watch suitable for any occasion formal or casual attire, whether meeting clients, attending ceremony, working or studying, you are enjoying the ownership of a world class timepiece.

Rosa Rugosa stands for love and affection. At different stages in history it symbolizes the soul, sacredness, romance, even the center of universe. Nowadays it is glorified around the world irrelevant of culture or religious background. Exquisite workmanship, auspicious representation, this watch may bring success, good fortune, true love and happiness whether it is a gift or personal item of yourself.