New Beijing Impression temple of heaven grand theater automatic wrist watch

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Unique feature: machine carved enamel surface
Diameter: 40mm, without crown
Thickness: 10mm
Weight: 73 grams
Crystal: sapphire
Beijing Impression series have four different front dial designs.

Temple of heaven and grand theater combination is the best thanks to the well-balanced left and right symmetry. Blue sky, ancient heavenly temple, futurist theater curve is the tunnel of the past and present, the collision of the tradition and modern, the reconciliation of the romance and reality.
  • The front dial is made up of machine carved enamel.
  • Upper part of dial is Qinian Hall (the hall of prayer for good harvest) built in 1420.
  • Lower part of dial is the national center for performing arts built in 2007.
  • Green leather strap matches well with the blue, greenish dial.
  • Sapphire crystal
  • Polished silver hour, minute and second hands

This is an unique watch that is expected to bring good fortune ahead in your life.


A quick glimpse of temple of heaven and national theater


Located in royal gardens, surrounded by pines, the temple of heaven was built in early 15th century. Both the overall layout of building group and individual building's architectural structure reflect ancient Chinese cosmological view on the relationship between the earth and heaven.


Qinian Hall (the hall of prayer for good harvest) is 32 meters in diameter, 38 meters in height, gold top, three eaves of blue glazed tiles to symbolize the sky. The hall is supported by 28 big wood piles, the central 4 represents 4 seasons; middle 12 represents 12 months; outer 12 represents 12 hours; middle and outer 24 represents 24 solar terms; total 28 represents 28 constellations. The hall is seating on a 5900 square meters white marble pedestal in 3 layers 6 meters tall. The emperor used to come here annually to pray for good weather and ample harvest.


The national theater is designed by renowned French architect Paul Andreu, who compares it to a heavenly attic on lake. This grand oval shaped theater appears like an extraterrestrial object floating on a man-made square lake.

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