Natural meteorite automatic watch, rare octagonal shaped, Fiyta aerospace series, limited edition
Natural meteorite automatic watch, rare octagonal shaped, Fiyta aerospace series, limited edition

Natural meteorite automatic watch, rare octagonal shaped, Fiyta aerospace series, limited edition

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Introduced to the market in August 2020 to commemorate the 10th anniversary of Mars-500 project.
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Space exploration has been going mainstream. Here is an interesting article written by Watch Time journalist Jens Koch, titled "The Extra-Terrestrials: 5 Timepieces with Meteorite Dials".

Size is 41mm from the left to the right side, 41mm from the top to the bottom. Although publicly announced size is 42mm, I have measured the real watch, exactly 41mm, not 42mm. 

While 99% of watches are round-shaped, you will be intrigued by this one's octagonal structure even if you have studies it for several days. This 8-sided case is so sophisticated that its bezel is polished in mirror, one layer down is blushed in matte, then polished in mirror next layer, then blushed in matte next layer - alternating between mirror and matte for total 6 layers!

When laid on table, it stands up like a small desktop clock because of its stainless steel bracelet. Octagonal dial + Round bezel + multiple layers of octagonal case structure + rectangular hour markers and hands, all these put together, creating a "prism effect" to shine like a diamond. At night under light when look at different angles, its octagonal case, round bezel, hour markers and hands sparkle here and there.

Screw-down crown is designed for maximum airtightness. The crown is protected by raised shoulders above its right side of case.  

As a result of Japan ultra-thin automatic movement high frequency 28800, this watch is less than 10mm thick. As we know Japanese movement often does not have hacking function. This one comes with hacking function and operate in 28800 frequency. This is the high-end model of the reliable Japanese movement.

Quite impressive. In my humble opinion, this watch is as exciting to own as a tourbillon. It is more worthwhile to own than a tourbillon if judged by its meteorite material, unique octagonal shape, high-end movement, simplicity, visual aesthetics and optical illusion.

It comes with a specially-designed stainless steel bracelet that can be removed by piercing its left or right lug. Please be advised its lug width is 12mm, band width is 20mm. For replacement band in the future, you can always come to Times International or Fiyta. Although I anticipate a lot of readers might not like this type of design, we have to respect what Fiyta is thinking.

Recommended for those who want a distinguished timepiece installed with metal bracelet that shines on wrist, for example made of solid gold or platinum, which is not mass-produced, not owned by a lot of people. We have to admit watches made of precious metals are priced astonishingly high. In this case, meteorite is precious material that warrants non mass production, not widely-owned by the public

The official retail price is $1390. Special price here is $910, including shipping and handling of this massive wood box 1,850 grams in weight (25cm x 18.5cm x 12cm). It is not a cheap watch, nor expensive. As a matter of fact, $910 is quite affordable. $910 spent on somewhere else, it will disappear in vain. $910 spent on this watch, you will get years' of enjoyment and prestige few other people have ever had throughout their life time. Remember, price is not the only parameter, a cheap item could turn out to be the most expensive. Something that is cheap, most likely will lower your ownership experience due to short product lifespan, sub-par performance, malfunctioning and repairing thus waste more of your valuable time.

According to product description by Fiyta sales department, this watch’s dial is made of Swedish meteorite called Muonionalusta.

For info on Muonionalusta, please click here 

For info on Widmanstätten pattern, click hereätten_pattern

Here is a brief introduction to Swedish meteorite.

Place of discovery: Sweden

Time: 1906 A.D

Initial discovery: 230 kg

Composition: 8.4% nickel and trace amounts of rare elements - 0.33 ppm gallium, 0.133 ppm germanium and 1.6 ppm iridium. It also contains the minerals chromite, daubréelite, schreibersite, akaganéite and inclusions of troilite

Muonionalusta iron meteorite is one of the world's renowned meteorites. Its beautiful Widmanstätten pattern is the unique feature. Widmanstätten pattern is a typical representation of iron meteorite pattern. Muonionalusta is one of the few meteorites found in the Arctic Circle. It has been confirmed by geologists that Muonionalusta has experienced the ice age on earth and is one of the oldest iron meteorites.

Over the long period of time after landing on earth, Muonionalusta has absorbed the essence of sun and moon. Muonionalusta is ancient and magical. Many meteorite enthusiasts have reported that Muonionalusta has mysterious and strong energy. Even the less sensitive people may also feel the energy impact coming from Muonionalusta meteorite.

Selected benefits of owning a meteorite watch

  • Exorcise evil spirits, subdue evil influence
  • Improve Feng Shui, remove or offset negative energy
  • Bring in good luck, enhance fortune, strengthen mind, shape a successful life
  • Free blood circulation, boost immunity, promote longevity, improve quality of life
  • Meteorite is from the heaven, thus it is believed to possess magical power other terrestrial gem stones do not have, for instance emerald, diamond. Meteorite is the prime choice for making a wish, practicing religion, guarding your home or being your amulet.

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