Mr.P lamp, shy lmp boy, night light / reading light
Mr.P lamp, shy lmp boy, night light / reading light

Mr.P lamp, shy lmp boy, night light / reading light

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Toy shy lmp lamp / night light / reading light
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  • Good to use as a table light, night light or even reading light
  • Good to send as a gift
  • It uses a small light bulb, which is included. For American or Canadian customers, I will include a 110V 10W bulb; other customers will get 220V 10W bulb. For replacement light bulb (E12 size) in the future, you can always buy at Home Depot or come back to me.
  • Buy with confidence. In order to provide the best service, a matching North American adapter is included absolute Free for American and Canadian customers. A matching UK adapter is included Free of charge for the UK customers. A matching adapter is also included free of charge for European and Australian customers.

Who is Mr. P?

Mr. P is a silly little boy waiting for you to take him home. Please adopt this insensible little boy today. He is naked, a shy-looking face hidden underneath a pleated hat. Although appearing naughty and troublesome, Mr. P wants to get everyone’s attention and companionship very much. He wants the new owner can often look after him and pay attention to him. He wants to be a playing partner with you at any time. Only a little switch will immediately turn up his mood. His new proud look has swept away all dark mood. Soft bright light illuminates through his pleated hat, lights up the room, mind, all corners of bleak and disappointment.

Appearing in the original size of a true boy, this lamp is designed by Thai artists with patent number ZL01307567.3. Co-founded in 1996 by a few Thai advertisers, it is now Thailand's leading design brand. Its design philosophy is to inject humor and life into items of our daily living. Humor and simplicity is the main spirit of Propaganda work. Their wonderful artworks have been under spotlight in various international design competitions. Many people can not resist the creative temptation and deeply appreciate the talents of this group of young designers.

  • As Thailand's designers have exercised creativity to the extreme level, Mr. P’s private part is revealed to the public, proudly erected, and more creatively, the dick is an on / off switch.
  • No matter what Mr. P’s embodiment turns out to be, he is a stark naked boy, pointing little dick directly at you even if you are a little bit shy. If you are shy, afraid to touch it, you are not able to turn on the light.
  • Propaganda artists have graphically presented Mr. P’s personality through this piece of wonderful work. Mr. P uses hat to partly conceal him, yet he is brave enough to stand out assertively. It seems contradictory, yet humorous and creative. Mr. P’s body shape is funny; his realistically stubborn expression let you laugh; his smooth body is naked; his shy face is hidden inside a pleated hat. You can not help sympathizing with him.
  • Although it is a nude modeling, it does not cause people to feel embarrassed at all. A cute boy’s heart is the Propaganda’s ingenious design idea.

The lamp shade comes in three colors – pink, yellow and blue. The orange and white are discontinued. You can choose your preferred shade color at the pull-down order menu. Or you may prefer “randomly chosen” to see which shade color comes in surprise.

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