LED Flower Tree DIY Lamp, Party, Dinner, Night Light
LED Flower Tree DIY Lamp, Party, Dinner, Night Light

LED Flower Tree DIY Lamp, Party, Dinner, Night Light

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Part Number: T-FTDIYLamp150
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Name: LED tree lamp
Number of lights: 150 bulbs (25 wires x 6 bulbs each wire)
Height: 27cm/10.6inches(frame), 45cm/17.7inches(bottom to top LED bulb)
Net Weight: 129 grams/0.284 pounds (including USB cable)
Wire Color: silver

This lamp is a good idea for dinner, bedside, spa, bar table, home decoration, wedding, celebration party, etc. The creative and imaginative design has a wide range of applications not restricted by seasons and locations. Its USB drive is convenient and energy efficient; its battery drive is portable. The lamp is remote-controlled with 8 lighting modes.

It operates on 3 AA 1.5V batteries or a USB power supply. A 100cm long (39.37 inches) USB cable is included. You can plug into a computer, a cell phone charger, a stereo or any USB port to turn on the light. The remote controller operates on a CR2032 button battery, which is included.

How To Operate

  • Press the ON/OFF button to turn on/off.
  • Press the MODE button 1 through 8 to choose eight different lighting modes as follows,

  1.      Combination
  2.      Wave
  3.      Sequential
  4.      Slo glo
  5.      Chasing/Running water
  6.      Slow fade
  7.      Twinkle/Flash
  8.      Steady on

  • If the TIMER button is pressed, it will turn off after 6 hours and on after 18 hours. For example, if the TIME button is pressed right now at 6:00PM, the light will turn off at midnight and turn on at 6:00PM the following day.
  • Press the DIM left button to make it dimmer, the DIM right button to make it brighter.  

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