Human victory over COVID-19 in 2020

COVID-19 started in 2019.

Hindsight is always 20 / 20.

If we look back into 2020 what we have done,

what an epic story it is.

Today is April 22, 2020, everything will be back to normal step by step. As summer is approaching, northern hemisphere is getting warmer and warmer, coronavirus will be getting less active. Meanwhile discoveries will be made to have more effective therapies. In winter vaccine is in phase 3 clinical trial very close to mass production. This public health issue is expected to be resolved by the end of 2020.

The above two graphs are derived from official COVID-19 statistics web site.

In early morning April 24, 2020, TV news reported vaccine that is in phase 2 test will be used immediately if there are any signs of 2nd wave outbreak. High risk groups, for example, medical professionals in close contact with patients, can use this vaccine right now. This vaccine completed phase 1 test in March 2020 in which 95 volunteers were injected. The result is satisfactory, without any side effects except a few complaints about little itching around injected area. Phase 2 test is being conducted with larger sample size. There are two primary factors to consider in developing vaccine – effectiveness and safety. It takes long time and large sample size in order to get rigorous scientific result.

Remdesivir was given high expectation when it started clinical trial in China in February, yet no follow-through report is heard, probably because of disappointing result. Meanwhile, some traditional Chinese herbal recipes, when combined with other prescription drugs, have shown incredible effectiveness as high as 99.5% in alleviating symptom and helping recovery.

The message I want to convey here is that the situation will be getting better because we already have the vaccine that is ready for immediate release if necessary. Curing coronavirus infection is not difficult if the patient is found early. Early detection early treatment is the key. The reality is high recovery rate over 92%. If China can do this simply by a few selected herbs, so can any ones around the world. It is also interesting if positive news is reported on herd immunity.

Let’s face the reality. All sorts of viruses are omnipresent everywhere. Coronavirus can not be completely eradicated. We have to live with coronavirus. We have to find a balance between the cost of death and the cost of business shutdown. Prolonged lockdown, due to fear of infection, is against the law of nature and human rights. Poverty as the result of economic recession lowers standard of living and hurts the overall well-being of the society. Poverty hinders prevention and treatment of other diseases, for example, cancer, which is more scary than coronavirus.

Throughout history, mankind has never been succumbed to any pandemics. Don’t be afraid of death. As of April 24, 2020, the world population is 7,706,028,727, coronavirus death toll is 186,101 only. What’s the fatality rate measured by world population? What is your chance of dying from COVID-19?



Date 6/26/2021

with love to people of China and the world. All praise glory thanks and love to Jesus Christ, our saviour and lord.


Date 3/9/2022

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