How to brew and drink black tea?

The best ways to brew and drink black tea are summarized as follows,

1)    Quick cooking method

Using a kettle or other utensils, with 500 ml of water for example, add 5-15 grams tea (depending on your desired potency), heat until water is boiling. Heat one or two more minutes, the soup is ready for drinking.

2)    Cup-soaking method

Using a stewing cup / thermos / vacuum cup / bowl, add tea, then pour in boiling water, cover cap, keep the tea soaked in hot (high temperature) water for three minutes, the soup is ready for drinking. The longer the tea is soaked, the stronger or thicker the tea soup will be.

3)    Cold tea / ice tea

Put the tea soup into refrigerator to serve cold, or add ice cubes to make iced tea.

4)    Milk tea

Milk can be added to tea soup. To zest up the flavor, sugar or salt can be added too.

5)    Traditional Kongfu Tea

If you enjoy slow life, have the tea set, traditional Kongfu tea is the most professional.

Click here to view this Youtube video 

good illustration of steeping Qian Liang tea that is applicable to steeping all sorts of black tea.

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