Golden Flower Fu brick tea, authentic black tea by Anhua Hunan
Golden Flower Fu brick tea, authentic black tea by Anhua Hunan

Golden Flower Fu brick tea, authentic black tea by Anhua Hunan

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The production of Fu brick tea consists of many steps and takes a long time. From fresh tea leaves to the finished product, it goes through 30 processes. Among them, "growing flower" is the most wonderful process. The pressed Fu brick tea is stacked neatly, the temperature and humidity are carefully-controlled. Under the action of microorganisms' natural fermentation, the "golden flowers" grow from the brick tea.


Using the nutrients obtained from the tea, through its own metabolism, the "golden flowers" generate polyphenol oxidase, pectinase, cellulase, protease, amylase, which catalyze the conversion of tea's protein and starch into monosaccharides, promote the oxidation of tea polyphenols and produce substances beneficial to human body, such as theaflavin and thearubin. The color of tea soup changes from orange yellow to orange red. Meanwhile, the coarse green grass flavor in tea is eliminated, the characteristics of black tea is improved and optimized.


The "golden flowers" accelerate the fermentation of brick Tea, promote the oxidation, polymerization, degradation and transformation of substances in tea. In doing so, achieve the unique color, aroma and taste of Fu brick Tea. The “golden flower” Fu brick tea has the aroma of mushroom blossom, tastes smoother and sweeter than other Anhua black tea varieties of the same year.


The research on pharmacological effects and clinical application has discovered that "golden flower" is capable of boosting immunity, preventing tumor, reducing weight, promoting digestion, regulating intestinal flora, antioxidation, anti-bacteria, reducing blood lipids and treating cardiovascular diseases.

For more information on the benefits of "golden flower", please read the blog section.