Genuine crocodile leather band for men's and women's wristwatches, different widths, the ultimate luxury
Genuine crocodile leather band for men's and women's wristwatches, different widths, the ultimate luxury

Genuine crocodile leather band for men's and women's wristwatches, different widths, the ultimate luxury

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A crocodile leather band's luster will not fade with the passage of time. On the contrary, the longer it is used, the more its natural luster is revealed. Even if having been used for a year or more, the color of leather is still unfading and new.


Crocodile leather has beautiful patterns that are not available in ordinary cow hide. These beautiful patterns are more appealing than those of lizard, ostrich and devil fish. Because each crocodile’s leather pattern is different, the effect presented by each handmade is also different, each crocodile leather band is unique. Once installed with a crocodile leather band, a wristwatch's appearance would be enhanced significantly.


The most attractive feature of crocodile leather is feeling soft and fits comfortably. Unlike many other leather bands that produce a stiff feeling, the more it is used, the more flexible it feels. You can feel its natural elasticity similar to your own skin. Who doesn't like this kind of luxury? As a result, high-end watches are installed with crocodile leather as the standard configuration.


The material used in crocodile leather bands comes from hand-raised crocodiles. Crocodiles leather is scarce due to its slow growth and high breeding cost.  


Compared with mass-produced metal or rubber bands, crocodile leather bands are different in the manufacturing process. Much greater attention is given to details and craftsmanship in crocodile leather production. From material selection, dyeing, cutting, shaping, oiling, sewing, punching to final quality inspection, every process is completed by hand. Any problem in one of these processes ruins the work-in-process product that might lead to the scrap of previous works. The required skill level for personnel is set high. For example, in the production process, not only the different width of both ends of the strap is considered, but also consider the leather’s grain and luster. The thickness of the entire strap should be made the same. The front arch of the strap should be curved smoothly. It should be bonded with the inner core material and cowhide lining. Additionally, the sewing is very important to maintain the integrity and natural beauty of the strap. These hard works are conducted by experienced senior technicians.


Crocodile leather is the most luxurious of all leather materials. It is the darling of the rich and celebrity. It is nicknamed the Platinum in leather, wins the title of Hermès in wristwatch band. Apart from the rarity and material advantages, it can not be replaced by other materials with regard to craftsmanship and feeling. A crocodile band is not only associated with the traditional culture, but also a yearning for the nature. Wearing crocodile leather bands, gents and elites show their nobility on social etiquette occasions.


Since a leather band is a part of a wristwatch, the matching choices should not be neglected. “A good horse needs a good saddle,” as a proverb says, then a good watch needs a good belt. A good watch without a matching strap is like a paint without a finishing touch. A brand-name watch coupled with an exquisite crocodile leather strap, is analogous to a shining diamond set on the platinum ring. With top-level configuration, your wristwatch will appear unique and stand out from the crowd.

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