Genuine Kitty Cat Piggy Bank Coin Deposit Itazura Japan

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Money Hiding Kitty Cat Piggy Bank Coin Deposit Itazura Japan
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Available in four designs: white, brown, tiger, flowery cat, order at the pull-down menu. YouTube video is played by clicking on Play button below photo gallery.

There is a naughty cat hidden in a box. Coins put on the box will be snapped away. If you own such a lovely cat at home, you can not help giving her more coins. Unconsciously, your little cat will help you save a pile of coins.


Simply lay a coin on the fish bone plate, press it down, this little cat will sneak out of her head, raise up claw to snatch money into the box, also simultaneously utter “Meow!” What does this “meow” mean? Is she feeling satisfied, happy, surprised or proud?


This creative product was originally invented by Itazura, popular in Japan. Be wary of replicas, here are a few points to compare the genuine piggy bank vs. replicas.





Cat’s motion

Very swift and quiet like a real cat in motion

Slow, also makes unwanted noise

Sound of “Meow”

Very pleasing “meow” sounds like a real cat

Distorted “meow” sounds not real, even scary

Bottom color

Not white


External packaging

Transparent PVC box

Non-transparent cardboard box

Battery polarity direction

The same

The opposite

Battery chamber

Well-constructed w/ Protective layer. Batteries do not fall out

Poorly-constructed without protective layer


Free international airmail shipping included. Please allow at least 15 days delivery time. It operates on 2 size-AA batteries, not included due to airmail restrictions.