Fiyta roadster high frequency 28800 tourbillon 80-hours power reserve GA866010 Extreme collection

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Diameter: 44mm excluding crown
Thickness: 13.5mm
Lug width: 22mm
Movement: Fiyta in-house high frequency 28800 tourbillon
Unique feature: 80 hours power reserve. Just as the name "Roadster", the power reserve indicator at 9 o'clock looks like a gas pump.

The shinning tourbillon movement is beating like your heart with burning passion. 28800 high frequency tourbillon rhythm makes you emotionally high as if behind a steering wheel of roadster. Surpass and leave all cop cars far behind in the dust. Wearing this watch proves that you have achieved success. Let others cast their envious eyes.

44mm diameter, 13.5mm thick, this is not a shy watch. By wearing this watch you have the spirit of meeting challenges and most importantly the ability to overcome all difficulties. You are energetic. You have demonstrated leadership.

Gold stands for championship, bidding for power to be No. 1. The golden case is engraved with tire tracks on which the limited edition serial number is printed on a golden plate. The golden hands and black dial contrast sharply as if two hands are floating in the air. Golden hour and minute hands point the right direction for your business endeavor.

For other watches you understand what it is about in less than one minute. For this tourbillon watch you may need one full day to decipher what it is about, how it is structured, and the more you study, the more you imagine, the more automotive elements will emerge here and there. I was deeply touched a wristwatch can be made in this way.

The leather band is not edged straight all the way, instead shrinks its width to imitate a roadster’s contour. Big golden buckle is installed.