Fiyta Klover series automatic wristwatch LA862003.PWRD

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Diameter without crown: 34.5mm
Thickness: 11.4mm
Lug width: 16mm
Weight: 57grams
Case material: fine stainless steel

What does 4-leaf clover stand for? What are the most important four factors in everyone's life? Answer: reputation, wealth, health and love. These four factors are interrelated. Attaining one of them may simultaneously attain another. Attaining any one of the four, you have realized full potential 60%. Attaining two, 70% of full potential is realized. Once all these four factors are attained, your full potential has been realized at least 90%.

Without reputation, a person is doomed to be a loser.

Without wealth, one cannot afford the basic needs of food, clothes and shelter, where is self-actualization?

Without health, the quality of life suffers.

Without love, the life is boring indeed.

4-leaf clover wishes you the best to achieve fame, wealth, health and love!