Fiyta Aerospace Series GA880112 automatic watch SW-200
Fiyta Aerospace Series GA880112 automatic watch SW-200

Fiyta Aerospace Series GA880112 automatic watch SW-200

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GA880112 appears to adopt a rugged design style. Full of detailed aerospace themes, this ceramic bezel Space Walk automatic watch depicts a sense of space technology and human courage to explore outer space. Made of exquisite craftsmanship, sold at this bargain price, it has a high performance-to-price ratio, thus believed to be a good choice for aerospace and sports enthusiasts.

Its size is just right, with a 42mm diameter. Anything smaller does not reflect the rugged aerospace style. 42mm falls within the range most people can handle on their wrists. The thickness is 11.5mm, which belongs to the thinly built category.

The hour and minute hands are designed in two-stage rockets. The minute markers alternate in an up-and-down wave pattern typical of Fiyta aerospace watches. The hands and hours are coated with luminous material for easy reading in dim conditions. The official data shows the ability to emit green light as long as eight hours.

It can be seen that this gradient dial surface has a matte texture. Under a microscope, the particles on the dial surface are evenly sprayed, indicative of a meticulous production process.

Ceramics possess the properties of hardness and scratch resistance, non-fading of colors, non-peeling of coating, brighter luster, better texture, and higher aesthetics. Its bezel is made of advanced ceramics forged at a high temperature of over 1400 degrees Celcius. It is hardened under high pressure, and polished by diamond, resulting in a hard texture and even glaze. The grooves around the bezel are polished well, so no cutting sensation is felt when rotating. This particular “Eight Pawl” shaped bezel enables astronauts to operate efficiently even if gloves are worn.

Mixing this watch's rotating bezel with ordinary diving watches is common. Eight hours is the maximum time humans can stay outside the cabin. As a result, it is crucial for ensuring life safety to have the bezel marked with “7+1” hours. Each dot measures 1 hour or 5 minutes. As you can see, 7+1-hour markers are essential for astronauts to measure time accurately. 

In response to the rugged appearance of the case, the steel bracelet’s design originates from the spacecraft sail. The bracelet's surface is delicate after undergoing composite sanding processes.

An aerospace wristwatch is designed for astronauts to explore outer space, where the harsh environment places a stringent requirement for watches. In addition to withstanding vacuum, weightlessness, radiation, and wide swings in temperature, it is required to withstand high acceleration and vibration. When a spacecraft takes off or lands, it often accompanies high overload and vibration. Therefore, an excellent shock-resistant capability is paramount. GA880112’s particular shock-resistant system, according to official data, is derived from the shock absorption technology of the spacesuit wristwatch. It uses elastic materials and a quadruple shock-absorbing structure to achieve excellent shock resistance. After rigorous three-layer impact testing, this watch effectively resists unexpected impacts and falls during usage.

Beating at 28800 times per hour, the renowned Swiss SW200 provides reliable work up to 41 hours of power reserve.