Fiyta 3-dimensional Time automatic wristwatch blue WGA868003.BBB
Fiyta 3-dimensional Time automatic wristwatch blue WGA868003.BBB

Fiyta 3-dimensional Time automatic wristwatch blue WGA868003.BBB

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Written on the instructional sheet as follows,

Time can be read through the hands on the dial as well as through the arrow index at 6 o'clock. This is the concept of Fiyta 3D timekeeping watch. One index means 10 minutes on the index circle. In figure 1, time is 9:10 displayed by the hands. In figure 2, time is also 9:10 displayed by the arrow index. Unique rotating disk allows the time to be viewed at 6 o'clock.


Its diameter is 45mm, recommended if you are looking for larger-sized watches.

Bonus nylon strap is enclosed. Once put on this watch, you look younger, full of energy, like the rising sun in the morning at 8 and 9 o'clock.

Time is flowing on all other watches in 2-dimensional X and Y coordinates. This watch is creating an imaginary Z coordinate. If time is presented visually in a concrete or analogous way, both on horizontal and vertical surface, it is indeed 3-dimensional time. In this masterpiece, time is kept not only on horizontal surface by hour and minute hands, but also on vertical surface by a rotating ring.

Acrylic front crystal is raised up extra 7.5mm more than 7mm case body, thus emphasize the flowing of time on vertical surface.

The case back is printed “Fiyta 3D-time modern watch, water resistant 30M, automatic, stainless steel case.” The display glass is sapphire.

This award-winning futuristic timepiece may appear bizarre at first glance. After having studied in detail, the more you think, the more you will appreciate this design.


Diameter without crown: 45mm

Thickness: 7mm (case), 7.5mm(front crystal), total 14.5mm

Lug width: 22mm

Weight: 67 grams

Case material: fine stainless steel

Band material: genuine leather. Bonus nylon strap is enclosed.

Movement: Japan Miyota automatic

Style: futuristic

Unique feature: German red dot design award 2014