Fashionable Red Star drum roller quartz watch (Green)

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Unique feature: hours and minutes are displayed in mechanism of drum rollers

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The enclosed instruction manual is difficult to understand (see below). Reading these confusing words, bla bla bla.... makes me feel dizzy, fall asleep. Instead of reading the manual, it is quite intuitive to find how to operate this watch in two minutes.

Ignore upper left button (this button is not necessary. You don't need it). It is easy to understand the Lower Left Button controls hour. Press down and hold it for two seconds, then adjust the hour. It is also easy to understand the two Right Buttons control minutes. Press down and hold them for two seconds, then adjust the minute. It's so simple. I figured it out in two minutes, and you can understand in less than one minute.

This watch comes with solid stainless steel band with a bonus rubber strap to switch if necessary.