Classic Shanghai 510 hand-winding mechanical watch

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Part Number: W-SH510
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Diameter: 36 mm excluding crown
Thickness: 10 mm
Weight: 45 grams
Lug width: 18.5 mm
Case material: stainless steel

Shanghai 510 closely resembles Shanghai A623, which is the renowned watch worn by premier Zhou Enlai. The most noticeable difference is 12 o'clock. Where A623 is all bar-shaped hour markers, 510's hour markers are wedge-shaped, with a big 12 numeral. A623's dial is silver white; 510's dial is beige gold.


Beige gold dial, golden hands, golden hour markers, quality Shanghai 17-jewel classic movement with date function, Shanghai 510 is a well-made nostalgic timepiece reminiscent of A623. As of today, genuine A623 in good condition costs over 1,000USD and hard to find. Shanghai 510 is good substitute for A623 for daily use, gift-giving, collection hobby.