Ceramic bezel Fiyta Yachtsman series
Ceramic bezel Fiyta Yachtsman series 'blue eyes' automatic diver watch Dragon Hole topic

Ceramic bezel Fiyta Yachtsman series "blue eyes" automatic diver watch Dragon Hole topic

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Fashionable diving style watch with sapphire crystal embedded on its solid stainless steel case back
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Wristwatch name: Yachtsman "blue eyes" diver

Unique feature: Inspired by the ocean, integrated with voyage, diving and advanced aquatic sporting elements, this watch is bestowed with smooth silhouette and reliability specialized in leisure and sports performance. 

Product highlights

The dial is sand-blasted coral green and exhibits gradient effect, which restores the sparkling imagination of the ocean.

The green ceramic bezel is embellished with rose golden gears that get along well with the rose golden crown.

Due to the rhombus hour and minute hands, the hands exhibit see-through feature that the green dial is visible through their bodies. All hour, minute and second hands are in rose gold and luminescent at their tips. 

The case back is solid stainless steel, upon which is mounted with a sapphire crystal and displaying “Dragon hole, 300.89 meters”, connoting the bravery of divers who are embracing natural wonders. This is a marvelous amalgamation of 300-meter deep water adventure and classic diver watch. 

The deepest blue hole in the world is Sansha Yongle blue Hole. It looks like the pupil of the sea with a bird’s view from the sky. This is a natural wonder created hundreds of millions of years ago. After the glacier had melted, water filled the cave and formed a blue abyss.