Beijing famous architecture series BG030006 automatic wristwatch
Beijing famous architecture series BG030006 automatic wristwatch

Beijing famous architecture series BG030006 automatic wristwatch

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The beauty of architectural art on wrist – the Famous Architecture series

From well-proportioned Acropolis to undulating Great Wall; from charming pavilions and terraces to modern skyscrapers; high profile architectures are the deepest and longest manifestation of art and culture. They are the “epic of rocks”, the “almanac of history”.

Ingenious amalgamation of wall elements

Beijing Famous Architecture series exalt architectural images and cultural connotation into design elements, allowing concrete buildings to be presented in a more witted manner. The ancient walls bear a country or a city’s past. Nowadays they have transformed from defensive structure into landscape full of aesthetic taste. Beijing watch designers creatively use imagery of walls to bring time’s everlasting long and architecture’s tensile force onto a small watch dial. The minute markers look like walls. Every five minute interval is separated by a thick minute marker, representing beacon towers arise one after another on walls, firmly, uprightly, rendering a sense of sturdiness and discreetness.

Painted black hour markers alternate with 3D raised silver hour markers, comparable to endless succession of buildings. The perfect combination of fluent lines and wonderful design not only echoes the architectural theme, but also highlights the watch’s texture, adding remarkable elegance to cuff and wrist.

The pursuit of quality in precise time keeping

Deep blue leather strap is stitched in white string along the edge. On the back the color is red, which stands for good fortune, passion and warmth. This is a fine detail of Beijing Architecture series. 

The entire timepiece is predominantly silver – silver case, silver hands, silver crown. Silver brushed dial reflects light to form shining reflection geometrically around the center. Silver raised hour markers (2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12 o’clock) alternate with black painted hour markers (1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11 o’clock) to represent row upon row of buildings.

Beijing Architecture series are equipped with automatic mechanical movement. With arm's motion, the self-winding rotor turns around due to gravity, thus add and store power little by little. Beijing watch factory has always been pursuing high quality standard in precise time keeping.

A brief Introduction of Beijing Watch Factory

As a professional watch maker established since 1958, Beijing watch has been working a great extent to retain the essence of hand-making craftsmanship. Independently make complicated movements such as tourbillon, tourbillon repeater, 3D double-axles tourbillon, triple-axles 3D double-tourbillons, double-escapement long working hours, etc. Capable of advanced watch manufacturing techniques, for example, inlay, enamel, embroidery, miniature carving, hollow, fine finishing, etc. Emphasis on workmanship and aesthetic art. Combine advanced skills perfectly with culture connotation. Every Beijing watch owner can feel this sincerity.