Beijing Orion collection BG090010 automatic wristwatch

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Diameter: 42.5mm without crown
Thickness: 11.5mm
Lug width: 20mm
Crystal: sapphire
Color of case: titanium gray

The design elements are based on star track. The path of stars in the night sky is shown on the dial. Upper layer is sandy surface with delicate texture that produces dynamic circular flowing visual effect if turned slowly. Big Roman numerals are located at 4, 8, 12 o'clock. Lower layer is electric spark surface full of texture. Fine white lines represent star tracks as well as hour markers. Skeleton design reveals the plate of movement to exhibit the mechanical beauty.  

Orion collection

With speed and strength like a falcon, a hunter is nimble and acute. The design inspiration comes from myth. A hunter's sharp precision is the source of creativity. Astrology concept is integrated into this wristwatch, symbolizing the exploration and conquest of the vast universe.