Beautiful Sea-Gull M222SK hand-winding skeleton pocket watch on wrist ST3600SK

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Part Number: W-222SK
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Diameter: 44mm excluding crown
Thickness: 10mm
Lug width: 20mm
Weight: 80 grams
Crystal: sapphire

Of all pocket watches, M222SK is the most elegant in form and most brilliant in color. Red jewels, blue screws, gold balance wheel, three gold second, minute, hour gears, carved flowery patterns, skeleton plate……It is hypnotizing whenever staring at all these. Is it a mini-labyrinth? I have found the magic power of M222SK. Observing the intricate mechanical movement, appreciating the fine art of M222SK is equivalent to psycho therapy that helps relieve stress, promote positive mentality and all sorts of benefits.


Sapphire crystal, white dial with sunny ray pattern in the middle, black hands, black hour marks, highlight of M222SK is at the quarter front between 8 and 10 o’clock, and elegant rear view. Independent second hand at 9 is in see-through front-to-back skeleton design. The rear view on this ST3600 skeleton movement is absolutely stunning.


Had the watch been made smaller than 40mm, M222S could be a more popular model. Well, ST3600 is a pocket watch prototype and it ought to be larger in size. While average people are intimidated by 44mm diameter, owners of M222S are often experienced connoisseurs who prefer manual hand-winding watches.


M222SK could be classified as a world-class masterpiece thanks to ingenious design, excellent craftsmanship. Value-priced at $195, no others in this price range can match the beauty of M222SK.


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