Aerospace automatic chronograph wristwatch limited edition titanium alloy case by Fiyta GA8500
Aerospace automatic chronograph wristwatch limited edition titanium alloy case by Fiyta GA8500

Aerospace automatic chronograph wristwatch limited edition titanium alloy case by Fiyta GA8500

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Part Number: W-FiytaAeronauticsGA8500
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Diameter without crown: 43mm
Thickness: 15mm / Lug width: 22mm
Crystal: sapphire
Case material: titanium alloy
Band material: titanium alloy

As of November 27, 2019, this chronograph model GA8500 is sold out. Not a single piece is left. As limited edition, it is gone forever. Now, this listing will be remained online for another six months so we can review its past glory for six more months.


As of today January 17th 2018, there are three space watch makers – Omega, Fortis, and Fiyta is the 3rd.  No other companies have built wristwatches for astronauts traveling in the outer space. Official manufacturer suggested retail price is $1435. In order to introduce this model to international customers, promotional price here is only $750, which is much less than airfare ticket to China thus you cannot travel to China, yet you can take this chronograph to Mars immediately.

Light titanium alloy, sophisticated technology in aerospace mechanical movement, fine exterior polishing, German red dot award winning design, limited edition 520 pieces, this chronograph is guaranteed to become your favorite and the envy of friends and co-workers, until you will not part with it.

The overall style is futuristic. The red color on the dial is not bloody red, but that kind of red reminiscent of celestial bodies in sci-fi movies.

Excellent exterior polishing work, click on Photo gallery button to see its beautiful contours. Please read on…..

  • Color of dial appears chocolate, definitely not black.

  • Luminous hour, minute hands and hour markers

  • Silver small hands at three sub-dials

  • The case back is engraved with an image of space walker, Mars500 planet and stars, limited edition numbers.

  • The case and bracelet emit typical titanium luster – real cool and high-end.

Titanium alloy is light (about 60% of stainless steel), anti-corrosive, endures extreme high and low temperature, and more friendly to skin that is good for hyper-allergic individuals. This solid chronograph weighs only 140 grams. You feel wearing a small watch with leather strap instead of a big chronograph with solid metal bracelet. Equivalent size of this chronograph made of stainless steel GA8370 weighs 202 grams. Assuming titanium alloy weighs 60% of stainless steel, after calculation the movement weighs 47 grams (both have the same movement); GA8370 stainless steel case weighs 155 grams; GA8500 titanium case weighs 93 grams (40% weight reduction off 155 grams).

At 3 o’clock find the date and AM/PM window.

At 6 o’clock is cumulative 12-hours sub-dial. Hour markers are red.

The long chronographic second is located at center. It has a luminous rhomb. Don’t be confused it with second hand. The second-hand sub-dial is colored in red, located at 9 o’clock.

At 12 o’clock is cumulative 45-minutes sub-dial, divided into 9 blocks each 5 minutes. The 6th block is in blue. The 9th block is in green. Unlike others counting 30-minutes, this aerospace chronograph is designed to count 45 minutes.

  • Upper right button is pressed to start / stop chronograph function. The button is decorated by a red rubber cushion on top and a red rubber ring in the middle.

  • Lower right button is pressed to re-set after you have stopped chronograph function. The button is decorated by a black rubber cushion on top.

  • Middle crown at position 0 can be turned clock-wise to hand-wind manually this automatic movement. Pull out crown one click to positon 1 to quick-set date. Pull out crown two clicks to position 2 to adjust time. 

  • The crown is screw-down design. Unlike the majority of others that screw down by turning clockwise, this crown is screwed down by turning counter-clockwise. Please make sure the crown is screwed down or closed while wearing to prevent water and dust.

Aerospace watches are Fiyta’s featured products. Why?

While hosting watch design contest, promoting innovative technology, Fiyta is specialized in manufacturing tourbillon, aerospace movement, new materials such as titanium alloy. In addition to carry out the traditional culture of horology, Fiyta conveys the "enterprising, forging ahead or proactive" point of view. "Perfect time, perfect life" is business motto.

By virtue of exquisite watchmaking technique, in early 21st century, Fiyta became the world’s three space watch brands and the partner of China's manned spaceflight adventure.

In 2003, China's 1st manned spaceship Shenzhou 5 successfully roamed in space and returned. The astronaut was wearing Fiyta watch.

In 2005, Fiyta watches accompanied astronauts in Shenzhou 6 to complete 3,250,000 kilometers space journey for 115 hours and 32 minutes.

In 2008, Shenzhou 7 astronauts performed the 1st space walking. Worn outside of space suit, Fiyta watches had direct contact with hazardous environment in outer space. Equipped with advanced mechanical movement, Fiyta space watches possess strong anti-magnetic, anti-shock properties.

Every Fiyta watch is designed, produced and assembled in rigorous and exquisite way, not only condensed with the aesthetic value of art, comfortable wearing, but also expresses ownership pride, owner’s unique life style, hobby and character.


Q. How long is the bracelet for Titanium Chronograph Aerospace Fiyta GA8500 (Mars-500 )? It is not clear from the description.

A. The circumference of both Fiyta aeronautics chronograph (one is limited titanium, the other is stainless steel) metal bracelets have the same length, about 8.8 inches (22.3cm). Length can be adjusted by taking off links. It is also recommended changing metal bracelet to leather band, also looks very cool.

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