A brief review of black tea and its benefits

Dietary supplement

In the old days, the nomadic diet was primarily beef, lamb, dairy products, high intake of fat and protein, low intake of vegetable and fruit, yet the nomadic people drank black tea rich in vitamins, minerals and bioactive nutrients and grew strong. Black tea was nicknamed as the “tea of life”. For those who eat little fruit and vegetable, drinking black tea is an important source of trace elements necessary for their normal physiological functions.

Helps digestion, treat constipation, diuresis and detoxification

In traditional medicine, black tea is used to cure food indigestion. Drinking black tea has the effects of strengthening stomach, regulating intestines. Reduce the toxicity of heavy smoking and excessive alcohol. Keep physical and control weight.  


The special ingredients contained in black tea have obvious inhibitory effect on tumor cells. There are many mineral elements found in black tea, such as selenium, zinc, fluorine, potassium, iron, phosphorus, copper, calcium, etc. Selenium boosts human immunity, fighting against cancer. Fluorine prevents tooth cavity.


Catechins, especially complex flavonoids, have the function of eliminating free radicals, anti-aging and prolonging life.

Lower blood pressure, blood lipids and blood sugar. Soften blood vessels, prevent cardiovascular diseases

Because it is a kind of fermented tea, polysaccharides gradually increase with the passage of time. Hunan black tea contains the highest level of polysaccharides, higher than that of Yunnan Pu'er tea. Tea polysaccharides enhance immunity, reduce blood glucose, improve carbohydrate metabolism, prevent diabetes, reduce blood lipids, anti-radiation, anti-coagulation, anti-thrombotic. Tea saponin is effective in lowering cholesterol, lowering blood pressure, hemolysis, anti-bacteria, anti-cancer.

Sterilization and anti-inflammation

There are thearubin and theaflavin in tea soup. Studies have shown that theaflavin is not only a free radical scavenger, but also is antibacterial that is effective on bacillus botulinum, enterobacteriaceae, staphylococcus aureus, bacillus cereus.

Aid sleeping

Black tea contains low caffeine after long fermentation period. The raw materials have matured, caffeine has decayed. Black tea is rich in theanine, polyphenols and other beneficial substances. Theanine is effective in calming and protecting nerve cells, resisting and coordinating the excitement caused by caffeine. As a result, drinking black tea does not affect sleep, actually alleviates insomnia and prevents neurasthenia.

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