8 key points worth knowing about Fiyta products
8 key points worth knowing about Fiyta products

8 key points worth knowing about Fiyta products

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Product Introduction
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Virtually all Fiyta watches are predominantly designed in contemporary style. Many other brands cherish the memory of past by producing classic retro and reissues. This is a young company without yesterday's heritage. The only way is to look into the future by producing what is in fashion and vogue.  


Influenced by modern fashion that prefers large sizes, Fiyta watches, especially men's, are made large, for example larger than 40mm diameter. Rarely found men's are made small in 37-38mm.


Unlike many others whose products are dominated by plain silver and white, many Fiyta models are made in black and gold due to advanced case manufacturing technique.


Carrying comprehensive lines of women's watches unlike many others primarily selling men's watches.


Sold at higher price. For mechanical watches, rarely found sold below $200. Normal price ranges within $250-$600. Made-in-China watches are not equated with low price, low-end, could be reasonably-priced and high-end.

Exterior design

While many other Chinese watch makers often copy or borrow design ideas from those of first echelon brands, Fiyta watches have all its own designs. If judged objectively, Fiyta watches possess a high level of artistic sophistication. Every watch withholds close scrutiny. The more to study, the more to analyze, the more you will understand the logic and ideas embedded in each watch.  

Exterior craftwork

Case making is Fiyta's forte. By making full use of this advantage, many dials are made in multi-layers (not flat surface), finished by multiple coating and electroplating, with delicate polishing work.


Except tourbillons and aerospace chronographs installed with in-house researched and developed movement, almost all Fiyta watches are using Japan-made movement. Although debatable, this practice helps Fiyta concentrating all resources to product design and exterior production, leaving the movement work to reputable manufacturers. The end result is beautiful and reliable watches that meet or exceed customers' expectation. In fact, Fiyta has been consistently ranked as No.1 Chinese watch brand many years in a row.

These eight points mentioned above, in my opinion, draw a clear picture of Fiyta products.