'5 star' reissue China's 1st mechanical watch trial produced by Sea-Gull

"5 star" reissue China's 1st mechanical watch trial produced by Sea-Gull

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Diameter: 38mm not including crown
Thickenss: 10mm
Lug width: 20mm
Weight: 52 grams
Crystal: sapphire

Matteo Ricci, an Italian missionary, brought clocks to Beijing in 1580s. Chinese artisans gradually learnt the clock manufacturing technique. Emperors in Ming and Qing dynasty were enthusiastic about these gadgets, especially fond of chime clocks. Many imperial poems were composed to chant these western marvels. The noble and rich put great emphasis on clock import and production.


In late 1954 two major clock factories in Tianjin formed a watch trial production team primarily made up of four experienced workers who were capable of repairing watches, but had never produced a single piece. The trial production was actually a process of imitation on Swiss Sindaco. Except the gemstones, balance and main springs, all 140 parts were hand-made, some of which were thinner than paper, as fine as needle tip, smaller than a grain of rice, margin of errors in wheelbase distance, hole diameter was smaller than a human pair.


At 5:45pm, 24 March 1955, this milestone masterpiece was born with a rhythmic ticking sound. It was beating 18000 times per hour, -90 seconds per day facing up, -60 seconds per day facing down, 24 hour power reserve.


The name was called “five-star” because there were five stars on the national flag. This watch announced the end of China’s “able to repair, unable to produce” history. Meanwhile it laid a technical foundation for the mass production of WuYi.


A close examination of this “five-star” reissue reveals the following,

l  Antique creamy yellow front face

l  Polished sliver hour, minute and second hands

l  Polished sliver hours – even numbers in digits, odd numbers in stripes

l  Date calendar at 3, which is an add-on feature for modern demand.

l  Above 6 oclock prints China-made

l  Below 12 oclock is a shining silver star, underneath prints 17-jewel waterproof watch

l  38mm diameter, 10mm thickness, black leather band


In summary, “Five-star” is claimed to be the 1st watch trial-produced; “WuYi” is claimed to be the 1st watch mass-produced commercially. 

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